Introducing the Confluence Higher Education Initiative – which provides post-secondary education students with the technology and training they need to succeed in the industry.

Technologies and their successful implementation are critical to moving firms, practices, and the industry as a whole forward.

Through the Confluence Higher Education initiative, we plan to contribute by providing students with the technology, training, and industry connections to become the next generation of AEC industry leaders.

AVAIL’s founder, Randall Stevens, is an alumnus of the University of Kentucky College of Design where we’re kicking off this initiative. 

GOAL: To empower students with the latest technology, practical skills training, and career opportunities.

ACCESS TO TECHNOLOGY: Provide students with access to relevant technology, so they can explore, experiment, and learn in a dynamic, hands-on environment.

UPSKILL OPPORTUNITIES: Leverage our professional network to bring practical skills training to higher education, providing students a competitive edge in the job market.

PLACEMENT FOR TALENTED STUDENTS: Facilitate internships and job placements for the most talented and ambitious students, so they can jump-start their careers and make meaningful contributions to the industry.

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