Your Content. Your Network.

With AVAIL, your content can stay on your network. No need to move files around or upload them to the cloud. AVAIL indexes the files on your network and provides exciting new ways to access them.

AVAIL is for anyone frustrated with trying to organize (and worse, find) files in traditional Windows File Folders. AVAIL provides a new level of freedom over your existing Windows File System. The best part is you don't have to change anything you're currently doing!

A “Future Proof” Solution

We believe that to truly solve your content management problems, a solution must be able to manage all of your content and be flexible enough to adapt to your changing needs.

AVAIL is content agnostic, providing management ranging from CAD libraries of any type to photos and PDF documents or whatever comes next. This "future proofs" your selection of AVAIL to help manage your ongoing content management needs.

AVAIL Content Browser
for Revit

Full Revit Support including Families, System Families, Details & Drafting Views, Sheets, Schedules, Groups & more! We made sure AVAIL works perfectly with Revit and can't wait for you to experience it.

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2 Channels
1,500 Pieces of Content Per Channel
  • A functioning version that allows you to experience all that AVAIL has to offer.



25 Channels
10,000 Pieces of Content Per Channel
  • Create Channels
  • Share Channels within your organization
  • Index Content
  • Copy/Move Content
  • Add Custom Tags to Content
  • Add Custom Thumbnails
  • Browse & Consume Shared Channels
  • AVAIL Content Browser for Revit
  • Management via the AVAIL Portal
  • Add Revit Parameters from the AVAIL Content Browser
  • Basic AVAIL Analytics


100 Channels
25,000 Pieces of Content Per Channel
All Features of BASIC Plus
  • Advanced AVAIL analytics
  • Assign Channel Editors
  • Add Flags
  • Add Comments
  • Get Analytics from the AVAIL Content Browser for Revit


Pricing Available Upon Request
Unlimited Channels
50,000 Pieces of Content Per Channel
All Features of TEAM Plus
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Custom Google Analytics
  • +1 859.963.1616

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