AVAIL Host in Cloud

The events of 2020 changed how we work.  Use AVAIL Host in Cloud to seamlessly push content to remote employees

AVAIL Believes in Flexibility

AVAIL has introduced Host in Cloud for its Enterprise customers (release 3.15). AVAIL Host in Cloud allows firms to share content outside their networks via a cloud solution. Now, BIM Managers can push content (Channels) to employees who are working outside the firm.

In some cases, this provides a faster solution versus company VPNs while providing the security required when sharing content.  Setup is easy, the person accessing AVAIL Host in Cloud content merely needs to be on the firm’s plan and you are good to go. This functionality comes at no additional cost for current Enterprise customers, give us a call and we can activate it in a matter of minutes.

AVAIL Host in Cloud Quick Hitters

  • Manage locally, publish to the cloud when you decide
  • Scan through thumbnail images exponentially faster with Virtualized Thumbnails
  • Included for Enterprise customers, data limits do apply (contact us for more details)

Simple, Secure Sharing via AVAIL's AWS Solution

AVAIL Enterprise publishers can distribute content to users outside of the firm’s network via AVAIL’s Host in Cloud functionality.

AVAIL Host in Cloud Details

  • Easy user setup, AVAIL Host in Cloud works for anyone on your plan, including third-party partners
  • Easy file management via publisher role
  • Publish channels to the cloud
  • Consumers click to download only the files they need

Distribute content to employees working remotely.

A quick view into AVAIL Host in Cloud. A simple and safe way to distribute content to employees working remotely.

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Working Remotely via the Cloud - Trade-offs and Complexities to Consider

Join AVAIL CEO and Founder, Randall Stevens, as he explores implementing a Cloud strategy using AVAIL. Randall will layout the thinking behind how AVAIL was designed and architected and share some hot news about what is coming, specifically about using AVAIL in the cloud.




AVAIL Host in Cloud


AVAIL Host in Cloud
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