Understand how your content is being used to control its quality and gain insight into its curation for a more productive team.


Convert the time your team spends searching for lost files into time spent designing quality projects. AVAIL’s intuitive interfaces allows designers to quickly search and find the content they need, across your network, within a couple of clicks.


  • Wasted time recreating work that can’t be found.
  • Locally stored files that no one else can access.
  • Obsolete content pulled from older projects.
  • Lost historical knowledge for orienting new employees.

Minimize Impact to Your Network

Keep your content where it is by indexing files locally and storing their metadata.

  • Data from various network drives and folders can be easily displayed to end users through customized channels

Control Which Assets are Available

Share the correct critical resources with your production teams, improving quality, building knowledge and streamlining workflow.

  • Reinforce standards by directing users to work from approved content libraries

Support Workflow and Collaboration

Build your knowledge base and centralize information for sharing with your closely connected associates.

  • Set user roles for how content is viewed and used

Understand How Content is Being Used

Get the data you need to detect and correct content issues before they become major problems. Preset dashboards help uncover insights buried in your data and workflows.

  • Prioritize curation based on user searches and utilization

  • Track content usage in a project

  • Extended analysis in tools like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and Google Data Studio

Delivering Value to Customers With Minimal Impact to Their Networks

“AVAIL has really streamlined my workflow and made the process smoother. It’s nice to not have to break focus and look elsewhere.”

Amy Jordana | Designer II
“The ease of implementation was a surprise, because it’s a pretty powerful product.”

Kevin Busacker | Associate, Digital Practice Manager
“We can publish more than just Revit content, which is valuable and a huge time saver for people trying to find all kinds of information.”

Tony Isenhoff | Design Technology Manager
AVAIL Marketplace

AVAIL Marketplace

Access and Manage Product Data

Built directly into AVAIL, architectural designers have a portal where product and manufacturer data can be pulled in, searched and managed.

Learn More

Address the Broader Issues of Content Management

Learn how AVAIL is addressing the broader content problem for its customers by bridging application silos so you can locate any file.

AVAIL Overview
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