Tag IO

Curate Tags in AVAIL using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets!

Manage all of your Tags in Excel!

With Tag IO you can now export all of the metadata and Tags associated with the content in an AVAIL Channel for editing in an external spreadsheet such as Excel or Google Sheets.


When we began thinking about how to best build an interface for easier management of Tags within AVAIL it became obvious that the answer was to use existing, familiar tools. Excel to the rescue!

The AEC industry gets a lot of use out of Excel so we decided to leverage our customer’s familiarity of this powerful data management tool.

Bulk Editing Of Tags Made Simple

The Tags & Filters Editor that is available in the AVAIL Desktop interface is great for making edits to Tags if you need to correct spellings, add Keys or delete Tags entirely. But not so great if you’d like to manage those Tags at a content level. Enter Tag IO.

With Tag IO you can export all of the Tags associated with content in an AVAIL Channel and then Add, Delete or Edit those Tags in Excel or Google Sheets. This provides you the granularity of seeing the Tags in the context of the Content to which they’re assigned.

All of the features you’ve come to love and mastered in Excel can now be used to help QA/QC your Tags in AVAIL.

Tag IO Quick Hitters

Tag IO makes Tag editing a breeze!

  • Tag IO enables Channel editors to export and import Tags from an external spreadsheet.
  • Great for updating hundreds, even thousands of Tags in minutes.
  • Quickly QA/QC existing Tags.
  • Easily add structure to your Keyword Tags by adding meaningful Keys.
  • Tag IO is built on an in-development plugin architecture for the AVAIL platform, called AVAIL Lenses.


Managing your content Tags just got easier!

Tag IO Is The First AVAIL Lens

What is less obvious is that Tag IO was developed on a new plug-in architecture to allow rapid customization and extension of features within the AVAIL Platform. We’re calling the plug-ins to AVAIL “Lenses” and Tag IO is the first of what will be many features developed by our own team and eventually partners who want to take advantage of AVAIL’s core content management capabilities. Lenses are the future of AVAIL!

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Customers can download AVAIL Harvest 2.0 now from the AVAIL Manage Portal

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