Expertise in BIM Content Management

We believe in the end-user experience and the ability of a visually aesthetic content management solution to drive value for our customers.


A software-as-a service platform, AVAIL was spun out of industry pioneer ArchVision, after discovering a unique way to manage the rapidly growing amount of Building Information Modeling (BIM) content. Industry leaders have adopted AVAIL to more efficiently create high quality designs and predictable project outcomes.

We Watched as Content Exploded and AECO Firms Tried to Keep Pace

While the sophistication levels of design tools reach new heights, the end product and its embedded data remain siloed — anchored to individual software and hidden within an office or project. The ability to easily find assets and collaborate continues to be elusive.

We Listened as Designers Talked to Us About Their Content Challenges

Basic issues like the wasted time searching for information, recreating work that can’t be found, or worse reusing work that’s defective. And the need to provide insight and transparency in workflow in order to improve collaboration and help drive business decisions.

We Resolved to Keep Our Solution Aesthetic and Elegantly Simple

First, with a file agnostic platform that grows with a firm while allowing your content to stay in its original location. Next, with a visual interface that helps designers easily find the content they’re looking for. Bottom line, we leverage our industry knowledge and experience to provide the content insight you need while giving designers more time to design.

Our Leadership

Randall Stevens, CEO

Randall Stevens, CEO

An AEC industry veteran with 25 years of software development, and sales and management experience, Randall offers a unique combination of expertise in software and graphics technology — coupled with a background and degree in architecture. In 1991 he founded ArchVision, a software firm specializing in 3D graphics, specifically Rich Photorealistic Content (RPC). Through ArchVision, Randall has built an extensive network with the industry’s leading experts, architectural firms, and visualization software companies, which led him to product development of the AVAIL platform.

Jim Clifton, COO

Jim Clifton, COO

With over 25 years as a technology entrepreneur, Jim provides energy, drive, and creative force to early-stage, complex ideas — moving them from concept to marketable products. He accomplishes this by leveraging his ability to conceptualize creative solutions against the practical realities of making money and delivering value on time. Jim’s involvement includes product line development and launches, process engineering, team building, and strategic execution within high-tech markets, as well as in-depth experience in all aspects of fundraising — from seed to commercialization.

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Customer Stories
Seamless Content Management Enhances the Employee Experience

For Lionakis, enhancing the content management experience for their employees correlates directly to a better project experience for their customers.

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