AVAIL Subscription Features

All AVAIL subscriptions share the same base features and functionality, allowing you to not only dive deeply into Revit workflows but add any data type from almost any location – both inside and outside of your network. Integrations with BIM360, Microsoft SharePoint/OneDrive, and Google Drive – along with other popular cloud-based solutions – are possible, freeing you up from the hassle of managing a multitude of user interfaces and systems.

All subscriptions include: Create and manage content, publisher and consumer roles, drag & drop content from any application, AVAIL Desktop 4.0, AVAIL Browsers for Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, 3ds Max, AutoCAD, and Civil 3D.


Anyone who would like to try AVAIL as a content management solution for an unlimited period of time

One publisher, unlimited FREE consumer users

  • Create channels and manage content

  • AVAIL Browser integrations for Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, 3ds Max, AutoCAD, Civil 3D

  • Customized thumbnails

  • AVAIL Marketplace access (some Channels require additional paid subscriptions)


An easy way to get started to better organize and consume your content libraries


For firms requiring advanced workflows, automation, and SSO capability

Volume discounts available

Multi-year term


    Single sign-on: user authentication and user group management

  • AVAIL Stream automation

  • Enterprise Level Customer Engagement

  • AVAIL Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

More FAQs
How is AVAIL licensed?
Licenses are assigned to a specific user login (named user). The AVAIL software may be installed on multiple computers and the license may be accessed for use on one of these machines in a non-concurrent fashion.
For more information on licensing, visit https://helpcenter.getavail.com/plans-pricing-and-licensing-all.
Does the agreement cover updates?
Yes! All AVAIL users are entitled to updates and enhancements that are made generally available.
What is directory service integration? What systems do you integrate with and how is it accomplished?
Enterprise contracts offer integration with your SSO providers like Active Directory, Azure and others. Our Development team will work with your firm’s IT Admin to make the integration, and AVAIL will help configure installers to perform as requested and as necessary for firm-wide deployment. Any user on your SSO will be automatically authenticated for AVAIL without the need to manage separate logins.
Does the license term automatically renew?
Yes, AVAIL licenses automatically renew unless cancelled.
What currency is AVAIL priced in?
All prices are in United States dollars ($US).

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