Dynamic Paths in AVAIL open a whole new cloud-storage world!

Now you can choose to host your content in your preferred cloud-hosted solution and let AVAIL manage the complexity of accessing that content at each user’s desk.

Licensed AVAIL customers have immediate access to enable Dynamic Paths for Autodesk (ACC, BIM360, etc) and Microsoft (OneDrive, Sharepoint, etc) locations through the Features section of the AVAIL Manage Portal.  For additional cloud storage locations please contact AVAIL Customer Success at support@getavail.com.

Free To Choose

AVAIL’s Dynamic Paths feature creates new opportunity and freedom for you to rethink your cloud storage options.  Want to use Autodesk BIM360 Docs for content library storage and retrieval?  Check.  Have a joint venture project and would rather use Microsoft OneDrive?  Check.  With AVAIL you can now do both simultaneously and more.


Like most new technologies, the advent of cloud storage has solved some problems and created new ones. The new problem with cloud storage and local cache management is now lack of consistent, firmwide location for a cached file.  Enter Dynamic Paths.

When content is indexed in AVAIL from a source location that is recognized as a cloud cached location such as Autodesk Docs, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and others, AVAIL will automatically determine each providers caching strategy and “dynamically” resolve the correct address when that content is shared with another user.


We’re working hard to make cloud-hosted content “just work” in AVAIL.

If you took a peek under the hood you’d see that AVAIL now stores the location for your cloud-hosted content using a Dynamic Path as part of the address.  Rather than explicitly storing the path “c:\user\johndoe\OneDrive-ACME\contentname.extension” the path will be stored in AVAIL as “%USERPROFILE%\OneDrive – ACME\”.  For each user with access to that content AVAIL will lookup the environment variable that defines that user’s USERPROFILE location and resolve the address to the cached content.

Our mission is to support not only what content you need to deliver from AVAIL but equally important from wherever you’d like to store it.  It’s that simple and Dynamic Paths bring us one step closer to fulfilling that goal.


Dynamic Paths solve several problems related to management and retrieval of cloud-hosted content providing the following:

  • Automatic resolution of local file paths for each user
  • Support for most cloud-hosted solution providers
  • Mix and Match storage locations based on your preferences
  • Relieve users from having to know “where” content is stored


With Dynamic Paths, a whole new world of cloud-storage options await.

Find more information

Customers can download AVAIL 4.3 now from the Preview section in the AVAIL Manage Portal

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