AVAIL Harvest 2.0

Make Revit library content easy to access while maintaining control

A Revolutionary Advance in Revit Container Library Management

AVAIL Harvest 2.0 is a Revit Add-in that virtualizes individual Revit elements within an RVT file, allowing you to view and deploy all content in AVAIL with or without a Revit license. For the first time, you can drag & drop virtualized content directly into Revit – regardless of content type.

The Constraints to Managing Container Files and Libraries

The desire to easily access and utilize non-family Revit content (such as Drafting Views, Sheets and System Families) has been unmet for quite some time. RVT Container Files – the de-facto management tool – allow BIM Managers to universally update and maintain content, but user retrieval required multiple text-based Revit dialogs. The AVAIL Browser reduced this opacity and churn substantially, but only allowed users to search by Element Name, within one container file at a time.

With AVAIL Harvest 2.0, these indexing and retrieval processes have been automated and streamlined. Now every Revit element appears as an individual object in the AVAIL Desktop: taggable, searchable, and ready to drag & drop into your active Revit Project! Virtualized Thumbnails also allow thumbnail images to load instantly as you scroll, regardless of server connection.


Historically, Revit Container Files have served as an ad-hoc solution to a pervasive workflow problem for BIM Managers: how to store, edit, standardize, and update Revit content efficiently – while providing easy means of access for users.  This perpetual balancing act, paired with the increase in volume of content over the years, has proved a considerable drain on BIM team resources.  The dream that content could be centrally accessed, but viewable and downloadable as individual elements is now possible.

AVAIL Harvest 2.0 Quick Hitters

AVAIL Harvest 2.0 makes it possible for individual Revit elements, which remain locked within a Container File, to be used like any other content in AVAIL:

  • Viewed in high-resolution, without the presence of Revit
  • Tagged for rapid search & identification
  • Used by loading, or dragging & dropping, the elements directly into Revit
  • Bulk-Loaded for ease of project startup


With AVAIL Harvest 2.0, every Revit Element acts as an individual, discrete object that’s ready to be searched and loaded into current projects with a single click.

The Value of Visuals

Harvest 2.0 builds on AVAIL’s strength in visual organization and search optimization. Harvest automatically virtualizes and organizes high resolution preview images to allow users to speed-search for individual assets.

Harvest also provides the option to extract elements into separate files, which can be useful when using AVAIL’s Host in Cloud feature; we call these Element Level Containers.

What Harvest Means for Your Work

Keep elements in a Container File for easy maintenance (Happy BIM Manager!)

Virtualize elements so they are easier to find, view, and use (Happy Designer!)

Create high-resolution images of Drafting Views, Sheets, and Legends (Happy Designer!)

Eliminate the need for Revit to be present to view the content (Happy Principals and non-Revit users!)

Support for Bulk-Loading of Revit Elements in any combination you choose

Element Types

Easily manage, deploy, and consume Drafting Views, Sheets, Schedules, Legends, Groups, Families, and
System Families without clicking on a Container File.

Find more information

Customers can download AVAIL Harvest 2.0 now from the AVAIL Manage Portal

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