AVAIL Stream

AVAIL Stream Automates Content Publishing for Hands-Free Content Management

What is AVAIL Stream?

AVAIL Stream is a rules-based content routing/event management system with the ability to monitor and route dynamically changing content into AVAIL.  It is installed as a service directly on your network.

What is AVAIL Stream?

Why do Content Management Systems Fail?

Content management systems die due to two primary issues: 1) people lose faith because the content is missing or outdated, and/or 2) infrequent use leads to relearning the system every time it is used.  Over time, these issues kill well-intentioned systems.

AVAIL Stream lets you specify:

  • Which folders to monitor
  • What content should (or shouldn’t) be indexed into AVAIL
  • What Channel the content should be indexed into
  • And what Tags to attach to this content

AVAIL Stream Quick Hitters

Automated Publishing

Automatically publishes content based on predefined rules.

SMB Support

Stream 2.0 now includes general SMB support for solutions such as Panzura, Nasuni, Net App, and Morro, as well as more common cloud solutions

Public Cloud Support

OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more

AVAIL Stream - A New Partner in Content Management

AVAIL Stream allows BIM Managers to automate the indexing and curation process.  We find that when users start to doubt (trust) the content in libraries they quickly revert to non-approved sources.  AVAIL Stream automates basic content (library) management tasks allowing BIM Managers more time to focus on value-added tasks.  The end result is a library that can always be trusted!

Find more information

Enterprise Customers only (part of annual subscription fee)

To turn on AVAIL Stream:  success@getavail.com

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