Welcome!  AVAIL is announcing a new training offering open to expand essential learning sessions to a greater audience and add flexibility to how our users need information.  We will conduct a series of regularly scheduled workshops on the basic training required for designers and BIM managers to get up and running in a timely manner.  The format of these sessions will be 30 to 45 minutes of content followed by open Q&A. 

Drop by any time.

This is perfect for:

  • New users to AVAIL, wanting to learn the basics
  • BIM Managers and Designers  seeking a quick refresher on AVAIL basics
  • Bringing new hires up to speed quickly
  • Refresh your team – attend together to gain more insight
  • Learning the latest and greatest new features


  • Publisher Training
    • Publisher 101: For users that will curate the AVAIL experience for Consumers. Publishers create channels, index content, add tags to the content, and share channels with other users. We will cover the key concepts and interfaces of AVAIL. Questions are highly encouraged!
    • Publisher 201: You’re feeling comfortable with the basics of Publishing and would now like to dive deeper into the more nuanced abilities and workflows within AVAIL. In this workshop, we’ll focus on using AVAIL with Revit, including thumbnails, the Revit Tag Generator, and the AVAIL Browser for Revit.
  • Consumer Training
    • This session is for users that will consume content in AVAIL, a role we define as the “Consumer.” We will cover the key concepts of AVAIL, how Consumers can quickly find and use content with a focus on AVAIL’s unique Revit workflows designed to save time and improve the design process.
  • Feature Highlights
    • Join us as we review recent updates and new features along with a review of some of the base functionality. This is a great way to refresh your understanding of AVAIL and or discover new ways to put it to work in your firm. We typically cover 3 features per session and follow that with interactive Q&A.

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