Implementation Services

Quickly get up and running with AVAIL with constant and strategic support. Our Professional Services Team will perform the following tasks for you:


  • Understand the current layout of the BIM library & BIM objects
  • Assess the client business landscape & business requirements
  • Identify & implement collaboration & data sharing requirements between the various business units
  • Review initial content management strategy, future goals & initiatives
  • Develop a roadmap of tasks for optimization

Best Practices & Guidance

  • Governance structure
  • BIM Object Library Folder structure & naming convention
  • Metadata structure to tag objects
  • Set of standard queries to search for Objects
  • Workflows
  • Migrate BIM Objects into AVAIL

Ongoing Collaborative Cadences

  • How did we collect the data?
  • What do we see?
  • Analysis of use?
  • How do you compare to similar firms in your industry?
  • Suggested area of growth
  • Educational engagement

Annual Engagements

  • Audit existing content locations & changes since last year
  • Provide best practices based on annual audit
  • Batch content upgrade

We're Ready To Assist Your Team

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Streamline Your AVAIL Implementation

AVAIL will help you build a content management strategy, apply education to target specific goals, and help you adopt and evolve your AVAIL environment through the first year.


Build a strategy and drive adoption of AVAIL more quickly.


Reduce launch time and streamline utilization adoption, enhancing your return on investment.

The annual cost* for AVAIL IMPLEMENTAION Services is $5,000

as part of the Enterprise subscription.

* all pricing is promotional at this time and subject to change.

Need Something Else?

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Adrianna Looks Forward To Working With You!

Adrianna Schneider is an architectural engineer who worked as a technical expert in the Autodesk channel for almost 20 years. An industry veteran with over 15 years of experience deploying and consulting on Autodesk software, Adrianna specializes in developing and executing implementation strategies that improve business practices in the AEC community.

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