Thank you all for another wonderful year.  As the world got back to some semblance of routine we found ourselves in a “new normal”.  Seems half the world headed back to the office this past year while the other half continued to work remotely.  Regardless of where you’re sitting one thing remains constant;  the volume of information being produced is continuing to grow rapidly.  AEC data storage leader Egnyte says their customers are growing their stored data at a 31.2% compound annual growth rate.  That reality is why we remain fervently focused on connecting and delivering the relevant information you need, when you need it, with as little effort as possible.

In 2022 we delivered several exciting new features including Key Cards, support for Dynamic Paths, Material support for AVAIL Harvest for Revit and an entirely new, simplified Revit workflow that’s now ready for deployment.  

We have a strong development roadmap planned for 2023.  Watch for a new and improved AVAIL Harvest for Revit release that leverages Autodesk Forge for processing, new features for accessing historical Revit project information, new contextual analytics data available directly in the AVAIL Desktop and a feature we’ve been referring to as AVAIL Live! that promises to simplify Revit Project Navigation.


An AVAIL Education Initiative

For those of you who know us, you know we like in-person conversations, we invest aggressively in new product features, we invest in our customer success team to help customers, and we believe in education.  In October 2019 we held the inaugural Confluence event where we brought together AECO tech leaders, both commercial product developers and practitioners, in our hometown of Lexington, Kentucky for 3 days of facilitated discussions and get-to-know-each-other social experiences.  Over the past 4 years (3 of which we held in-person) we’ve hosted over 100 attendees for Confluence events.

We’re expanding the Confluence concept in two ways in 2023.  We’ll be launching a higher education initiative in collaboration with the University of Kentucky College of Design to 1) help provide students with Access to technology, 2) provide Upskill opportunities for students around the technology by leveraging our professional network to bring practical skills training to higher education, and 3) facilitate Placement for talented students through Internships and Job Placement.

We’re also planning to take Confluence on the road to reach a broader audience with one-day regional events in Los Angeles and New York City.


When we began building AVAIL we knew we wanted to tackle the frailties inherent with storing and, more painfully, retrieving information from traditional file systems.  As with anything new the challenge is often language.  Is there a common vocabulary that lets everyone talk efficiently about the problem and potential solutions.  For AVAIL that has been an ongoing challenge.  We have in the past described AVAIL as an “Enterprise Content Management” solution.  That was as close a general term as we could associate with but in reality that’s not at the core of what we do.  More importantly it doesn’t succinctly capture the core problem we address and value proposition.

In a sea of information the nagging problem is navigation.  “Content Management” needs still exist but they vary from content type to content type, application to application and are often best served with nuanced point-solutions.  As a platform AVAIL can help solve specific content management challenges as we’ve shown with AVAIL Harvest for Revit.  But let’s not lose sight of the fact that Information Navigation is universally painful.  Those challenges cut across the myriad applications used in the AEC industry.  AVAIL is at the forefront of addressing the challenges of the Information Navigation challenges that plague everyone in the AEC industry.

We look forward to furthering these important conversations in 2023.


Randall Stevens | CEO

By The Numbers

AVAIL is designed to help manage and deliver all the digital information being generated and managed within our customer’s environments.  Content and files supporting Revit workflows continue to be the dominant file types being accessed through AVAIL.  But you didn’t stop there!  Testament to the increasingly broadening use is the fact that we’ve seen over 1,000 different file formats in AVAIL. 

Another piece of information related to search you may find interesting is that the average text-based search within a single Channel of AVAIL returned an average of 114 files matching that search, an increase of 78% over 2021.  When you broaden your search using the “Global Search” on the Home screen the average number of returned files is 348, an increase of 12% over 2022.  Channels and Files were searched, viewed and used millions of times in 2021.  We look forward to millions more in 2022.

Countries Where Our Customers Operate: 100

AWS Servers: US East and Sydney, Australia 

EC2 Production Nodes: 17

AVAIL Channels Managed: 16,190

# of Files Indexed in 2022: 4,195,446

# of Files Managed in AVAIL:  16,777,075

# of Tags on Content in AVAIL: 66,007,147

Most Searched Term: Door

Permutations of searches containing “door”: 319

New Feature In 2022

The product team spent 2022 focused on improving visual navigation, strengthening support for bring-your-own-storage, and improving Revit workflows by adding support for Revit Materials and simplifying the ability to easily bring any Revit content type into Revit as a simple drag & drop.

Key Cards

Look at your existing content in a whole new way. And get there in a couple of button clicks.

We created dynamic new ways to organize your existing content with Key Cards.  Customize your experience while finding the right content quicker.

Learn more here.

Dynamic Paths

Bring your own storage to AVAIL Desktop 4.3.

We’ve expanded on the locations you can store and deliver your content to include Microsoft OneDrive, BIM 360, and more. Dynamic Paths open up a whole new cloud storage world.

Learn more here.

AVAIL Harvest for Revit – Materials Support

We’ve extended AVAIL Harvest for Revit to support Materials!  Now you can publish, search and retrieve individual, native Revit materials through AVAIL.  Getting those materials into Revit is then a simple drag and drop from AVAIL Desktop.

Learn more here.

Simplified Revit Workflow

We’ve been working the past few months on a redesigned Revit  content workflow.  With the new AVAIL Browser for Revit 5.0, now in Preview release, we’ve simplified the ability to bring any content into your Revit project with a simple drag and drop.

  • Simplified drag and drop support
  • New Type and External Type Catalog dialog
  • Improved Bulk Loading support

Learn more here.

AVAIL Select

New content is at your fingertips.

Enterprise customers now have access to manufacturers’ content with AVAIL Select. Head to the AVAIL Marketplace and subscribe to the AVAIL Select | Architectural and AVAIL Select | MEP channels.

Learn more here.

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